Russian icon | St Nicholas and the Miracle of the Carpet

Icon: St Nicholas and the Miracle of the Carpet B-6

Origin :
Northern Russia
Period :
second half 16th century (vrezka)
Size :
27 x 22 cm
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The icon depicts the story of a couple in Constantinople, who had always had a special love for St Nicholas. Now that they were old, and no longer able to work, they were very poor. The man took their last possession, an old carpet to sell it at the market, where a ‘noble man’ bought it for six gold pieces. Immediately after, this same man visited the woman and returned the carpet to her. The couple now realized that the mysterious buyer had been St Nicholas the Miracle Worker, who had saved them from poverty.

The original 16th century panel has been inset into a new panel in the 19th century, following traditional techniques. The icon is of a series of panels which originally where part of a large 16th-century vita icon of St Nicholas.