Greek icon | St Eleutherios

Icon: St Eleutherios H-28

Origin :
Greece, Corfu
Period :
late 17th century
Size :
42 x 30 cm
Provenance :
Private Collection, Netherlands (since 1963)

St Eleutherios is depicted enthroned, making a gesture of blessing with his right hand and holding am open Gospel Book in his other hand. As a bishop he is dressed in a rose-white tunic (sticharion), a white stole (omophorion) decorated with large crosses, a greenish-blue mantle (phelonion) decorated with small crosses, a gold embroidered epitrachelion decorated with   standing saints and an embroidered gold epigonation with the image of Christ Emmanuel who is making a sign of blessing. 

Bishop St Eleutherius of Illyria was martyred during the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. He was born in Rome at the end of the first century and beheaded in the year 120 A.D. The representation of the saint enthroned is known from the 11th century on wall paintings but appears more rarely on icons. The style of painting of the present icon is typical for Corfu in the second half of the 17th century.

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