Russian icon | St Artemi Verkolski

Icon: St Artemi Verkolski N-17

Origin :
Period :
late 19th century
Size :
35.8 x 31 cm
Provenance :
Private Collection, Netherlands
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The child saint Artemi Verkolski lived in the village of Verkola in northern Russia in the first half of the 16th century (1532 - 1544). According to his hagiography, he was an unusually pious peasant child but unfortunately was struck by lightning while helping his father plough the fields. Artemi was killed instantly and was interred by his father in the fields. Thirty-three years after his death a local deacon saw a light emanating from the boy's resting place and supposedly discovered the boy's body showed no sign of decay. Miracles of healing happened to people who venerated the boy's relics and he was proclaimed a saint. On the icon the whole story is being depicted with in the centre the large figure of the young boy St Artemi dressed as a peasant in a short white tunic.