Russian icon | St Aleksei of Moscow

Icon: St Aleksei of Moscow B-16

Origin :
Period :
late 17th century
Size :
31.8 x 26.5 cm
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The icon has been painted in a refined style. The precious bishops' vestments are beautifully depicted and the face of the saint is painted in great detail. St Aleksei was born in 1293, son of a wealthy nobleman from Chernigov who served under the Grand Prince Daniil of Moscow. At the age of twenty he became a monk in a monastery near Moscow. In 1352, he was inaugurated as Bishop of Vladimir and just one year later as Metropolitan of Moscow. The Patriarch of Constantinople confirmed that as well as being a Metropolitan of Moscow, Aleksei was entitled to bear the title of 'Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia'. He founded many monasteries and translated the gospels from Greek into Russian. In 1362, he permanently transferred the Metropolitan Seat from Vladimir to Moscow, which was to have a profound influence on the course of Russian history. Aleksei died in 1378 and was officially canonised in 1448. His relics were placed in a silver sarcophagus in the Moscow Kremlin in 1535. On the upper border of the icon, Christ appears in a segment of heaven.