Russian icon | Rostovskaya Mother of God

Icon: Rostovskaya Mother of God B-8

Origin :
Russia, Stroganov or Moscow
Period :
last third 16th century
Size :
33.5 x 27.5 cm
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The Mother of God is standing to the left against an olive green background. She is depicted in three-quarter profile while holding the Christ Child, who blesses the three Rostov bishop saints standing to the right. From left to right they are: Leontii of Rostov (died 1073), Ignatii of Rostov (died 1288) and Isaia of Rostov (died 1090),

The image of the Rostovskaya Mother of God is closely connected to Stroganov icon painting from the late 16th and early 17th century. One icon attributed to the painter Semyon Borozdin from circa 1600 shows the Mother of God standing and holding an open scroll, while selected Rostov saints turn towards her in prayer (Russian Museum, St Petersburg). Another Stroganov-icon, dated 1628 and said to have come from the Annunciation Cathedral in Solvychegodsk, depicts our iconographic model: the standing Virgin is holding the Christ Child, who is blessing the three bishop saints from Rostov in front of him.