Russian icon | Piet

Icon: Piet H-10

Origin :
Russia, Moscow
Period :
mid-17th century
Size :
31 x 25.5 cm
Provenance :
Private collection, USA

Against an ochre coloured ground, Christ is depicted as the Man of Sorrows: lifeless in a sarcophagus, from his waist up and with crossed hands. His head declines to the right, gently touching the face of the Virgin who embraces her deceased Son and restrains her own agony. The orthodox cross is shown behind Him. The subject is very well known in 15th and 16th century western painting and was introduced into the religious iconography of the Orthodox east in the late 15th century. The earliest examples in  Russia date from the 16th century. The depiction of the Pietà on Russian icons is relatively rare.

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