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Icon: Hodigitria Mother of God V-2

engraved silver gilt oklad set with pearls and semi-precious stones

Origin :
Russia, Moscow
Period :
second half 16th century
Size :
36 x 25 cm (including oklad)
Provenance :
Private Collection, USA, since 1970’s

The Mother of God is depicted from her waist up, slightly turning her face towards Christ. She has a look of deep solemnity, but at the same time expresses tenderness. Holding Christ on her left arm, the Mother of God is pointing at Him as the source of salvation for mankind.

The Mother of god wears a blue tunic and a dark brown maphorion (mantle). The hem and the fringes of her mantle, as well as the cuffs of her tunic are decorated with gold. The three gold stars (one on her forehead and two on her shoulders) symbolize her virginity before, during and after the birth of Christ. Christ is depicted in three quarter profile slightly turning towards his mother. Dressed as a classical philosopher in an ochre robe decorated with fine gold lines, Christ is making a sign of blessing with his right hand and is holding a closed scroll in his other hand.

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