Russian icon | Anastasis

Icon: Anastasis V-15

Origin :
Russia, Kostroma
Period :
late 17th century
Size :
31.5 x 26.5 cm
Provenance :
1938 Acquired in Russia by a US diplomat; 1961 donated to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, California, USA
Published :
Prof. A. Dean Mc Kenzie, Russian Icons in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (catalogue), Santa Barbara, California, USA, 1982, cat. no. 7

The icon is painted in a ‘continuing style’, which means that the different narrative scenes flow into another. The slavonic texts on the olive green border explain the scenes. In the centre of the icon, Christ is raising from the grave, while the Roman soldiers are sleeping to his right. In the lower centre Christ is descending into Hades, crushing the gates of hell with both feet. With his right hand Christ raises Adam from the grave. Beneath the gates and to the left, angels are beating devils. In the upper right corner of the icon, the Repentant Thief is received into the walled Paradise by the two prophets Enoch and Elijah, who according to tradition did not die but sailed to heaven while still alive. In the upper left corner, the Crucifixion and the Doubting Thomas are shown, together with other scenes from the Passion. In the lower right corner, Christ is calling the apostles who are fishing at Lake Galilee.  In the centre of the upper border the New Testament Trinity is shown surrounded by the four evangelist symbols.

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