Russian icon | Anastasis

Icon: Anastasis B-15

Origin :
Period :
circa 1700
Size :
31 x 21.5 cm
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Christ stands in the centre of the icon, turning to the left. He has descended into the underworld from a rocky landscape and is crushing the gates of hell with both feet; beneath these gates lies a dark pit. The Saviour is encircled by a large dark-blue mandorla. He wears a golden tunic and mantle. In his left hand He holds a closed scroll; with his right hand He raises Adam from the grave. Adam rises up, the first mortal to be thus released from Hades. Eve is kneeling to the right, dressed in a bright-red robe. Her hands, raised in prayer, are veiled as a sign of respect. To the left are King David and King Solomon, both wearing crowns. They incline their heads towards each other, as if discussing the miraculous event. Above them is St John the Forerunner, last of the prophets, who prepared the way for Christ. The prophet Moses is represented above Eve, together with other prophets.