Russian icon | A silver gilt Crucifixion from the cover of a Gospel Book

Icon: A silver gilt Crucifixion from the cover of a Gospel Book B-21

Origin :
Period :
17th century
Size :
15.5 x 13 cm
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The silver gilt plaque is rendered in high relief. Christ's body is shown attached to the cross, his arms slightly bent at the elbows and his legs turned, pushing his hip slightly outward. The cross stand on a rocky ground representing Mount Golgotha. Christ’s head falls forward against his right shoulder. Longinus the Roman centurion, having seen Christ’s suffering, believed in Him as the Son of God. On the icon St. Longinus is depicted standing right from the cross behind St John the Evangelist, who was charged by Jesus Christ to take care of his mother (“This is the mother of yours”). Left of the cross stands the mourning Mother of God, behind her is one of the other  Maries. At the foot of the cross in a dark cave lies the scull of Adam, the first man. Two angels to the upper left and to the upper right side are mourning Christ’s dead, showing respect with covered hands. On top a cherub is represented.