Russian icon | Feastday Icon with engraved silver basma (unmarked)

Icon: Feastday Icon with engraved silver basma (unmarked) E-15

Russia, Oldbelievers workshop, 19th century
Tempera on panel, 53 x 43 cm

Private Collection, Italy
Morsink Icon Gallery, Amsterdam
ALR Ref. No.: 10877.15.WK

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This Feastday icon is finely painted in bright colours against a gold ground. The silver basma, decorated with engraved floral motifs, depicts the four evangelist in the corners. The engraved texts on the broad borders of the basma explain the different scenes. The Anastasis scene in the centre shows Christ descending into Hell freeing Adam and Eve, and other Old Testament figures, thus representing the salvation of humanity. In the upper part of the scene, Christ is rising from the grave. The Anastasis is surrounded by 16 scenes showing from left to right: Nativity of the Mother of God; Entrance of the Mother of God into the Temple; Holy Trinity; Annunciation; Nativity of Christ; Presentation of Christ in the Temple; Baptism of Christ; Raising of Lazarus; Entrance into Jerusalem; Crucifixion; Transfiguration; Ascension; Descent of the Holy Spirit; Dormition of the Mother of God; Elevation of the Holy Cross; Prokrov of the Mother of God.