Russian icon | Extended Deesis

Icon: Extended Deesis K-11

Northern Russia, circa 1700
Tempera on panel, 39.5 x 171 cm

Private Collection, The Netherlands
ALR Ref. No: S00202675


This large Deesis icon is painted on a single panel. Christ Enthroned is shown at the Last Judgment in the centre, flanked on the left side by the Mother of God and on the right side by St John the Forerunner. Behind, to the left and to the right stand the archangels Michael and Gabriel, followed by the apostles St Peter and St Paul respectively. To the left, after St Peter follows the prophet Elijah, the church hierarch St John Chrysostom, the martyr St George, the martyr St Flor and the monk St Zosima. To the right, after St Paul follows the church hierarch St Basil the Great, the bishop St Vlasy, the martyr St Dmitry, the martyr St Lavr and the monk St Savvaty.  All saints and angels are pleading for man’s salvation with their prayers.

The icon, painted in an archaic style, probably comes from a private chapel or a side chapel of a large church in Northern Russia. Icons like these were also placed above the main entrance of a church.